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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Moving house...Not!

I thought I had better be true to my word and blog today :-)
I have been so busy the past couple of days, creosoting the decking in the garden and painting our two huge sheds, then I decided the garage door needed a freshen up and under the kitchen window too. In amongst all that I have had my horse to sort out and I cleaned all my UPVC, washed the patio windows in and out, shopped, cooked and put a picture up. Then tonight I went dancing, talk about bushed lol. My poor craft things from Harrogate are still in the bag :-( Tomorrow I am going to have to iron as I have a three baskets full! Oh yuk! Anyone fancy popping by to do it for me? No.... thought not :-P

Never mind, as soon as I can get my jobs out of the way I will be hitting that bag of goodies and not coming up for air. Woe betide anyone that disturbs me to make tea or any other such mundane job!

I was rather annoyed and saddened yesterday when my eldest son came to say that his house sale had fallen through exactly one week to his moving in date! How can they do that? He has handed his notice in at his rented apartment, meaning he has to move out at the weekend and paid nearly £800 in fees, searches etc and they pull out one week to the day that they are suppoed to be moving out! Scandulous! So he is coming home for a while :-) Which will be lovely...although he had better not think I am moving any crafty items to make room for him! The gym yes but not the crafts! lol

So anyway here is my Mother's day card, made with lots of love for my wonderful mum. I have been hugely blessed to have her in my life.


Mau xx said...

You have been a busy girl, and you should be sleeping not blogging...tut tut xxxxx
Loved my card sweetie and my flowers and my Scotch tape glider.xx
Hugs Mum xx

coops said...

so gorgeous amanda.i love your colours and sweet ff bear :D

xx coops xx