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I have put some stamps for sale on my 'Things for Sale' page. Feel free to go and have a look and if there is anything that takes your fancy drop me an email at: amanda.patterson@ntlworld.comxx


Monday, 15 August 2011

How fab is that!

I was chosen as one of the top three over at Send a smile 4 kids challenge! I am so pleased they liked my card enough to chose it and it is the first thing I have ever won! *Add a large cheesy grin here!*

Why not pop over and have a look at their super blog and if you can why not send a donation of cards for kids in hospital!

Sunday, 14 August 2011

While the cats away :-))

And all that!
My mum and dad have gone for a few days away and boy have I missed them. Saturday is the day my mum and I 'waste paper' as my husband calls it (darn cheek!) and instead I had to iron cause I had no one to play with :-( Ususally we spend the first half an hour arguing over who has more of the table than the other and then the tape measure comes out and we eventually settle down to play...I!
Today I thought I know I'll go and get them a few bits of groceries to come home to and check the house....and take some craft things ;-)
So there I was in  their empty house with the whole table to myself!!! ooops I think me may be going to get into bother (tee hee) Well only if you lot tell her of course!
Me with the Whole table all to myself! lol
Mum's things neatly 'dumped' on the floor :-)))

Thursday, 11 August 2011

As Promised

Unfortunately we had a sad loss on our lovely DoCrafts forum when one of our members, LizG, died very suddenly. It really brought it home that you never know your moment :-(

However I was pleased with the card that I made for her hubby and daughter. I hope it brought them some comfort knowing how much we would all miss Liz.

I think I will have to get hubby to look at the whitebalance on my camera as the colours on these photos don't really do it justice. It was a lovely grey/blue and lilac card.


Just thought I had better pop by and apologise for the lack of posts recently. Life seems to have got in my way and before I realised it has been ages since I posted. I will try my very best to get on later and post a card or two. My mum has gone on holiday for  few days so I shall be playing on my own :-( I hope I have some inspiration as it's not the same without my playmate. Saying that they so deserve a holiday so I hope they have fun. She will soon be back to fight over the table again lol.
Anyway off to feed the horse and I promise to be back later. xx