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Thursday, 9 June 2011

Time out!

Sorry for the week without posts but I have had a rather busy week with one thing and another. On Saturday I went to Bramham Horse trials. My friend and I go every year but to be honest this was my last as it is proving to be too traumatic!
I have only been six times and out of those, three times I have had to dash home for an emergency :-(
This time my horse was found 'bleeding profusely' from her foot in the field. The vet was called and I flew home to find she had sliced her heel off down to the bone, leaving a huge and very nasty wound. So she was at the vets for 5 days! She is home now but on 8 weeks box rest which means she is not allowed out of her stable in all that time. I am not sure who will crack first to be honest...her or me! That's horses for you though...never a dull moment!
On Sunday hubby and I drove over the the Lake District and enjoyed a day of kayaking and a day of shopping. It was nice just to chill together although Fever was never far from my thoughts.
This weekend the boys and their dad are all off for a boys adventure weekend so I think I shall be going to play with my watch this space lol!
I hope everyone else is managing some crafting and that life is being kind to you all xx

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Mau xx said...

That sounds Good to me sweetie, The Coffee is on..well will be when dad makes He's a wonderful slave....oops! I mean Coffee maker isn't he!
Hope Fever is Ok this morningand not trying to climb the walls :(
Hugs Mum xx